Nero DiscSpeed

Test your CD/DVD/Bluray


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Nero DiscSpeed ​​is an application that will allow you to check the performance of our CD, DVD and Bluray and also can check discs that your are using to burn.

To use the program just insert a disc into the drive and start the analysis. In seconds you will begin to see all the information. Once the analysis is done, you can take a look at all the information of the disk in question.

Some of this information is the type of protection used by the disc (use one), the general condition thereof, the name of the manufacturer, the number of layers, the type of album that is, information MID, disk capacity and so on.

DiscSpeed ​​Nero is an excellent way to check the proper functioning of your equipment and discs. It is easy to use, requires no installation, and is quite lightweight.
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